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To score points by chipping the ball or making a lofted pass to a target player (‘goalkeeper’).

Groups of 10 players are organised into 2 teams and play 5 v 5 in a 20m x 10m channel.

1 member of each team is positioned behind the goal line to act as target player. Teams should keep possession and progress down the channel as they attempt to ‘chip’ the ball or make a lofted pass into the arms of the target player to score a point. The target player can move along the goal line, but must not encroach into the playing area. The game is continuous and teams keep the ball until they loose possession. Balls out of play are passed in from the side line. Teams should rotate the target player each time they regain possession and become the attacking team. After a score, the game restarts with a pass from behind the goal line. Thegame is won by the team scoring the most points after a set time.

Adaptation & Variation:
To decrease the difficulty – Wider playing area; any pass to target player scores; use lighter balls; 3 v 3 or 5 v 3.
To increase the difficulty – Longer playing area; 2 touches in possession; score with nondominant foot; use smaller balls; 5 v 5 or 4 v 5.

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