Under 9’s 2022/23

During the 2022/23 season the club will be running with 3 x under 9’s teams. Any triallists, trainees and selected team players will be expected to be committed to making each squad a success. This is by listening to the coaches, working hard for each other and representing the team and club with pride. If any players feel this is not achievable they need to be elsewhere. The team coaches will always assist players to progress to the highest standard they can possibly be. All players must attend sessions fully equipped and prepared.

The Jaguars are sponsored by I Love MCR and coached by Rosh Sooriah 07772562052. Since being formed they have progressed to the top level of their division

The Panthers are also sponsored by I Love MCR and coaches by Atu Sikande 07903268180. They are progressing as expected and are playing really impressive football.

The Pumas are the most recent team created from players from the soccer school. They are looking for a sponsor are coached by soccer school coach Damon French 07775525912.