Code of Conduct for Players

Fletcher Moss Rangers & Soccer School aims to motivate and encourage boys and girls of all ages’ creed and ability to enjoy the game.
The Soccer Schools integration of activities and experiences and key skills will enhance players’ general life outside of football.

A Attitude
Always be positive and motivate yourself to give your best.

B Behaviour
Always be the best person you can be.

C Communication
Always listen to the coach, your parents and teachers. Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions, YOU HAVE A RIGHT TO BE HEARD.

D Discipline
Always make sure you’re prepared and punctual. Remember your manners and respect people, equipment and place where you are. Any players who show decent towards other players, officials or coaches could be removed from the club. Theft of property will not be tolerated and action will be taken against the offending person/s.

E Enthusiasm
Always encourage others, don’t criticise – no one is perfect.

F Fair Play
Always play to the rules of the game. Learn to win with the same grace as if you would have lost. Do not cheat or argue with decisions.