Under 7’s Elite, Blues & Yellows

With ALL of the clubs teams, the coaches demand discipline as a must. If players are not prepared to ‘Listen’, ‘Learn’ and ‘Work Hard’ they need not attend.

This is an exciting time for Fletcher Moss Rangers. For some months we have been running an ‘Elite’ player development program. Whilst we thought we would build a team of players who would excell against the best players, we have been able to build 3 squads of players. We have more players than this but do not have coaches to run them.

The 2019/20 seasons ELITE team coach Mohammed. For training and trialling at ELITE standard only please call 07733668898.

The Blue team is being coached by Lyndon Hogg . For training and trialling opportunities please call 07533170423.

The Yellows teams are being coached by Seigfred Ntiamoh. For training and trialling opportunities please call 07453514745.

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