Dynamic Stretching

Dynamic stretching………………….
1). Gentle jog around pitch area, in pairs or three’s.
2) Players to execute stretching across a 10 meter grid.
 x x x x x x x x x x 
 
Players will carry out stretches going forward and backwards** (laterals will be carried out on some
3) a. Walking on the balls of feet – push off on back foot – correct arm movement.
b. Ankle flicks – plant foot – flick foot towards shin – correct arm movement.
c. Small skips – knees no more than 45* angle – correct arm movement.
d. Small wide skips – keep off heels – correct arm movement.
e. Knee out skips – knee out & back then step down – correct arm movement.
f. ** Knee across skips.
g. ** High knee lifts – knees must come above 90* angle.
h. ** Single knee dead lift – knee must not come above 90* angle.
i. Simulated striking through the ball – knee up – opposite arm across.
j. Simulated volley – pointing toes straight ahead.
k. Simulated shot – follow through – opposite arm across.
l. ** Lateral running–don’t cross feet or skip–short steps – correct arm movement.
m. ** Lateral heel kicks – short steps – correct arm movement.
n. Zig Zag runs – don’t skip or cross feet – short steps.
p. Hurdle walk – try to keep the body square as the hips rotate – step over.
q. Russian steps – extended steps – keep heels off the floor.
r. Lunge steps – keep hips square.
s. In pairs – Jockeying – don’t actually pass .
t. **In pairs – Carioca – mirror with partner.
u. **In pairs – Lateral runs – correct arm movement, balance.
v. **In pairs – Lateral runs – with contact –concentrate on balance,footwork,arm movement.
w. In pairs – Side by side runs with contact – don’t turn heads, focus on technique.